The MedRecs To Go System, Filling and Capping Cartomizers

Filling and Capping Cartomizers System

The MedRecs To Go System

Instructional Video

The MedRecs To Go System

Operating Instructions


The Heating System

Fill System with Water for Circulation System

Outer wall heats & circulates water.

Heated water travels along tubes throughout the system…

maintaining a constant temperature for the oil.

Pour water into outer Intake Nozzle

As the system is being filled, water will flow into the outer tubes.


Fill System with Oil

Next fill the Oil Reservoir

Oil will travel through inner tubes to the head.


Place the Motor Driver

Paddles turn to continually mix the oil solution while it's in the container.

Lock lid down with brackets.

Next, insert the temperature probe. The sensor probe sets the correct temperature for circulating water.

Turn on Power Switch and Circulation Pump.

Temperature is set to heat up to 33˚ Celsius.

Temperature may be adjusted to a higher setting than the recommended 33˚ C.


Fill Cartomizers

Insert Cartomizer tank with 510 thread pointed down into block.

Place block snuggly against jig. Hold block firmly in place.

Push the foot pedal.

The filling machine's head will move down & fill the tank.

Remove block. Transfer tank to the Capper.


Capping Cartomizers

Place center nub of Cap down inside center hole of tank.

Insert tank into jig. Press button. Cartomizer is now complete.


Purge Fill Lines for Filling

When priming the system, to bring the oil down, or to just clean the system:

• Increase Time

• Press the Full Speed Button

• Product will pump through the lines purging the remaining oil in the system.*

*Use the same process to prime the system.

• System Head will loser down to dispense fluid.

• Replace full container.

• Press Full Speed Button.

Screen displays Timer countdown.

• Press Full Speed Button.

• Replace full container.

The system is completely purged when product stops filling the container.


Empty Water from Circulation System

After purging oil from lines, the Water Circulation System will need drained.

• Turn off Water Pump

• Turn off Circulation Pump

• Power off Machine

• After everything is powered down, place contaner under drain spout located behind the machine.

• Turn Release Valve



Water may be warm or even hot. Water may drain with a slightly forceful stream.


• Close Release Valve when container is full.

• Open Release Valve again to repeat process until water has been completely drained.

• Make sure Release Valve is closed when empty. If the valve is not closed, water will leak when refilling.


Remove Motor Driver

• Next, unlatch Motor Driver

• Remove Temperature Probe

• Lift Motor Driver Lid off


Clean Unit

• Spray with alcohol to remove oil residue

• Detach cords from system

• Air dry overnight



2 People Filling & Capping

2 people filling & capping cartomizers can complete 800 cartomizers per hour.

That's 6,400 cartomizers filled & capped in an 8 hour day.


The special capping system creates the perfect pressure and vacuum.

This is why MedRecs' cartomizers do not leak up to 21,000 feet.

Less than a 1% fail rate for the Quartz Cartomizer.


1 Person Filling & Capping

1 Person filling & capping cartomizers can complete 400 cartomizers per hour.

That's 3,200 cartomizers filled & capped in an 8 hour day.


Not only is the system easy to use, but the user has less impact on their body by letting the machine do the work.


The MedRecs To Go System creates seamless production that far surpasses any industry competitor.